What Does StarCreek Need?

ExPow is a charity formed on this question. It’s the one that started it all. What do our neighbors need? Who is in need right now and how can we help? They were simple questions to ask but the impact of the response was and still is incredible.

The core idea is simple. LOCAL people solve LOCAL problems with LOCAL resources, to expand access to *[THE GOOD LIFE] to EVERY person in EVERY community by strengthening, connecting and inspiring LOCAL women to mobilize their community to close gaps in local need.*[THE GOOD LIFE] Living life on their terms -happy, healthy and empowered to do and be whomever they want, surrounded by the unconditional love, respect, and support of their families, friends & communities.

When Ideals Align

When Kelly heard about what these amazing women were doing in the community, she wanted to help. She turned to her team at, The Kelly Pearson Group for help. Her team, just like Kelly, is made up of women and men who each have a strong foothold in their communities. They were instantly onboard as well.

Working with ExPow just seemed natural since the ideals of both companies align together so well. ExPow believes that nothing is more powerful than a determined woman in pursuit of a better life and future for herself and her family, except maybe an army of determined women, united, supported, confident and armed with the skills and connections they need to ignite a spark that leads to action and progress.

The Kelly Pearson Team is a women-owned business. Strong people grow strong communities and we all need to help each other achieve a better life for those around us.

So Kelly and the team started thinking about how the could help. They needed a way to use their business acumen and combine it with their philanthropy in a way that would best serve ExPow. After a while, the team came up with a plan.


Hard Work Pays Off

When Kelly and her team closed real estate transactions, they put aside money from each one for ExPow. Their efforts paid off in a big way.

Watch the video below to enjoy the presentation which was so much fun!

The Story of Expow

Allen neighbors Kate Slaughter and Shanna Schiavon met at their kid’s bus stop in 2010. Soon they shared play dates, family vacations and discussions about community and societal struggles. Like many, they were doing what they could to make a difference; grabbing a few friends and volunteering, serving on Boards and committees, planning and attending charitable events and collecting everything from school supplies to prom dresses.

Before long they realized that not only was uniting women for good, fun and fulfilling, it was a recipe for real impact. All they were really doing was connecting the dots – connecting people, programs, charities and resources in their network, to help charitable endeavors. They got to thinking… Could they expand this model to be more impactful? Connect more women, connect more dots? They imagined collaborating with other women to harness and grow all of this goodness exponentially. With this eXponential Power of Women, EXPOW was born.

When women care about something, we tell a few friends, who tell a few friends and before you know it, the exponential power of women is in motion.

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