Decluttering seems like such a daunting task. It’s overwhelming and, for many of us, sounds about as much fun as giving a lion a dental check up sans tranquilizer. It really doesn’t have to be though, if it’s done right. ,The new year is just around the corner and while we’re not saying you should declutter a home between now and 2022. We’re saying use 2022 as the time you start now to get your space into the shape you want it to be.

It’s so important that the space you live or work in feels good to you!

Here are seven simple hacks to declutter you space. The secret? They’re simple and can become a part of your daily life instead of some overwhelming task you have to plan for and dread.

Seven Decluttering Hacks

No. 1 Take Out the Trash

Grab a trash bag and just walk through the space throwing away anything broken, damaged or actual trash.

No. 2 Think Small

Cardboard boxes can take up a lot of space, so removing them changes the way you view a room, After that, pick one small area to tackle, like a drawer, in order to ease yourself into the work.

No. 3 Out with the Old..

Whenever you bring a new item (especially clothing) that you buy many of into the house, you make a rule to throw out an old piece of the same kind of item. How do you know which item to chuck? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Do I use this regularly?
  • Occasionally?
  • Seasonally?
  • Annually?
  • Will I ever use this again?

No. 4 1,2,3 Go!

This box is for things that you can’t or don’t want to get rid of, but that you aren’t in need of on a day-to-day basis (think things like seasonal decorations). It’s also a good idea to make an inventory of items that you’re putting in storage as you go — that way, you won’t be left wondering what exactly is taking up space in your garage or attic down the line.

  • Do I use this regularly?
  • Occasionally?
  • Seasonally?
  • Annually?
  • Will I ever use this again?

No. 5 A Place for Everything

Finding a proper place for everything and putting everything in their proper place is extremely important. It’s important because you’re important. You’re wellbeing matters. Here are a few benefits (there are many more) to keeping your home organized.

  • More free time to spend doing what you love, with the people you love.
  • Gatherings at home with your family and friends because your rooms and storage space
  • You may not loose items like you used to like: cash, credit cards, keys, valuables, mementos, papers, and more!
  • Smarter inventory management tactics keep you from over-stocking (saving you money)
  • File management systems keep you on track
  • A clear picture of your current kitchen, creative, and closet inventory, help you use your shelves more effectively
  • Peace of mind, and a well-deserved sense of pride that you’ve gotten it done

No. 6 Organize Like Items Together

Naeemah Ford Goldson, a certified professional organizer and founding member of the National Association for Black Professional Organizers (NABPO), owner of Restore Order Professional Organizing in Atlanta, and host of the Organize Me! radio podcast, swears by the Sort, Store, Style approach — tackling organizing in that specific order.

Sort, Store, and Style. This is an approach for tackling organization. The trick is to make what you organize look good. Remove your donate and discard piles “right away, at least within 48 hours after your purge, so you’re not tempted to pull something back out that you’d decided to part. with,” Ford Goldson notes. Then, and only then — when you’re left with what you want to keep — do you get to do the fun part: storing and organizing everything so it’s aesthetically pleasing.

No. 7 Give Yourself Time

Clutter will start to accumulate, even for vigilant homeowners who are consistently tidying up. Rather than letting the clutter frustrate you, accept that it’s normal—and commit to occasional “mini-declutterings” and cleanups (whether that’s once a month or once a year) to keep a mess-free home.

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