EXPOW in StarCreek is a Charity Worth Knowing

EXPOW in StarCreek is a Charity Worth Knowing

What Does StarCreek Need?

ExPow is a charity formed on this question. It’s the one that started it all. What do our neighbors need? Who is in need right now and how can we help? They were simple questions to ask but the impact of the response was and still is incredible.

The core idea is simple. LOCAL people solve LOCAL problems with LOCAL resources, to expand access to *[THE GOOD LIFE] to EVERY person in EVERY community by strengthening, connecting and inspiring LOCAL women to mobilize their community to close gaps in local need.*[THE GOOD LIFE] Living life on their terms -happy, healthy and empowered to do and be whomever they want, surrounded by the unconditional love, respect, and support of their families, friends & communities.

When Ideals Align

When Kelly heard about what these amazing women were doing in the community, she wanted to help. She turned to her team at, The Kelly Pearson Group for help. Her team, just like Kelly, is made up of women and men who each have a strong foothold in their communities. They were instantly onboard as well.

Working with ExPow just seemed natural since the ideals of both companies align together so well. ExPow believes that nothing is more powerful than a determined woman in pursuit of a better life and future for herself and her family, except maybe an army of determined women, united, supported, confident and armed with the skills and connections they need to ignite a spark that leads to action and progress.

The Kelly Pearson Team is a women-owned business. Strong people grow strong communities and we all need to help each other achieve a better life for those around us.

So Kelly and the team started thinking about how the could help. They needed a way to use their business acumen and combine it with their philanthropy in a way that would best serve ExPow. After a while, the team came up with a plan.


Hard Work Pays Off

When Kelly and her team closed real estate transactions, they put aside money from each one for ExPow. Their efforts paid off in a big way.

Watch the video below to enjoy the presentation which was so much fun!

The Story of Expow

Allen neighbors Kate Slaughter and Shanna Schiavon met at their kid’s bus stop in 2010. Soon they shared play dates, family vacations and discussions about community and societal struggles. Like many, they were doing what they could to make a difference; grabbing a few friends and volunteering, serving on Boards and committees, planning and attending charitable events and collecting everything from school supplies to prom dresses.

Before long they realized that not only was uniting women for good, fun and fulfilling, it was a recipe for real impact. All they were really doing was connecting the dots – connecting people, programs, charities and resources in their network, to help charitable endeavors. They got to thinking… Could they expand this model to be more impactful? Connect more women, connect more dots? They imagined collaborating with other women to harness and grow all of this goodness exponentially. With this eXponential Power of Women, EXPOW was born.

When women care about something, we tell a few friends, who tell a few friends and before you know it, the exponential power of women is in motion.


We’re New in 2022 Kelly Pearson Realty Group Press Release

We’re New in 2022 Kelly Pearson Realty Group Press Release

New Year, New Company, New Name – Still Us!

As one of Collin County’s top producing real estate teams, Luxe Premier Realty Group, announces their new home with Douglas Elliman, a brokerage famous in New York and California for selling luxury homes and high-rise condos. With Elliman’s recent expansion to Texas, Luxe took this as an opportunity to join the real estate powerhouse as well as refresh their brand identity. The team you once knew as Luxe Premier Realty Group is proud to announce that it will now be doing business as Kelly Pearson Realty Group.

Fantastic Group Meets Fantastic Brokerage
Kelly Pearson Standing Next to Lynda Roundtree Allen Texas

Kelly Pearson has made quite a name for herself as a top producing agent in Collin County and has been named “Best in Dallas” by D Magazine four years in a row. Her skills and experience have greatly contributed to her success, but her most important asset is her active involvement in the community she serves. Whether she is sponsoring a school event, a local charity, or a community event, Kelly always enjoys giving back. With the ever evolving real estate market, Kelly has been able to hone her skills to successfully serve her clients, but she’s not going it alone. By her side is Lynda Roundtree, another top producing agent in Collin County.

Prior to obtaining her real estate license, Lynda operated a fee attorney office for Lawyers Title. Her contract and legal knowledge have greatly aided in her ability to effectively negotiate and communicate real estate deals as well as protect her clients’ best interests. Similar to Kelly, Lynda has lived in Lovejoy ISD for seventeen years and is also a strong influence in her community. Both women pride themselves on their luxury listing expertise as well as their ability to help buyers navigate the tumultuous real estate market.

While these are significant changes for Kelly Pearson Realty Group, their core beliefs have not altered. Kelly and Lynda will continue to provide their clients with top-notch service and market knowledge. These are the agents you want on your side as you look to sell or buy your next home!



Declutter in the New Year to Enjoy Your New Space

Declutter in the New Year to Enjoy Your New Space

Decluttering seems like such a daunting task. It’s overwhelming and, for many of us, sounds about as much fun as giving a lion a dental check up sans tranquilizer. It really doesn’t have to be though, if it’s done right. ,The new year is just around the corner and while we’re not saying you should declutter a home between now and 2022. We’re saying use 2022 as the time you start now to get your space into the shape you want it to be.

It’s so important that the space you live or work in feels good to you!

Here are seven simple hacks to declutter you space. The secret? They’re simple and can become a part of your daily life instead of some overwhelming task you have to plan for and dread.

Seven Decluttering Hacks

No. 1 Take Out the Trash

Grab a trash bag and just walk through the space throwing away anything broken, damaged or actual trash.

No. 2 Think Small

Cardboard boxes can take up a lot of space, so removing them changes the way you view a room, After that, pick one small area to tackle, like a drawer, in order to ease yourself into the work.

No. 3 Out with the Old..

Whenever you bring a new item (especially clothing) that you buy many of into the house, you make a rule to throw out an old piece of the same kind of item. How do you know which item to chuck? Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Do I use this regularly?
  • Occasionally?
  • Seasonally?
  • Annually?
  • Will I ever use this again?

No. 4 1,2,3 Go!

This box is for things that you can’t or don’t want to get rid of, but that you aren’t in need of on a day-to-day basis (think things like seasonal decorations). It’s also a good idea to make an inventory of items that you’re putting in storage as you go — that way, you won’t be left wondering what exactly is taking up space in your garage or attic down the line.

  • Do I use this regularly?
  • Occasionally?
  • Seasonally?
  • Annually?
  • Will I ever use this again?

No. 5 A Place for Everything

Finding a proper place for everything and putting everything in their proper place is extremely important. It’s important because you’re important. You’re wellbeing matters. Here are a few benefits (there are many more) to keeping your home organized.

  • More free time to spend doing what you love, with the people you love.
  • Gatherings at home with your family and friends because your rooms and storage space
  • You may not loose items like you used to like: cash, credit cards, keys, valuables, mementos, papers, and more!
  • Smarter inventory management tactics keep you from over-stocking (saving you money)
  • File management systems keep you on track
  • A clear picture of your current kitchen, creative, and closet inventory, help you use your shelves more effectively
  • Peace of mind, and a well-deserved sense of pride that you’ve gotten it done

No. 6 Organize Like Items Together

Naeemah Ford Goldson, a certified professional organizer and founding member of the National Association for Black Professional Organizers (NABPO), owner of Restore Order Professional Organizing in Atlanta, and host of the Organize Me! radio podcast, swears by the Sort, Store, Style approach — tackling organizing in that specific order.

Sort, Store, and Style. This is an approach for tackling organization. The trick is to make what you organize look good. Remove your donate and discard piles “right away, at least within 48 hours after your purge, so you’re not tempted to pull something back out that you’d decided to part. with,” Ford Goldson notes. Then, and only then — when you’re left with what you want to keep — do you get to do the fun part: storing and organizing everything so it’s aesthetically pleasing.

No. 7 Give Yourself Time

Clutter will start to accumulate, even for vigilant homeowners who are consistently tidying up. Rather than letting the clutter frustrate you, accept that it’s normal—and commit to occasional “mini-declutterings” and cleanups (whether that’s once a month or once a year) to keep a mess-free home.

Legacy West Holiday Events

Legacy West Holiday Events

There as many great reasons to shop at Legacy West in Plano as there are sprinkles on a cupcake at well, Sprinkles Cupcakes!

Whether your just shopping for yourself or you have a list that could rival the big red guy’s, Legacy West is pulling out all the stops. Seriously, got gifts? They’re here to help you out with free gift wrapping! That’s some amazing holiday spirit! Here are the details:

Complimentary Gift Wrapping @ The Legacy North Pole

Stop by ‘Sleigh All Day’ from Black Friday through Christmas to enlist Santa’s helpers in making the presents under the tree even more exciting! Available Friday – Sunday during the holiday season, complimentary gift wrapping will be offered for guests on the dates and conditions are listed below.

*Limited to two gifts per person.

Dates: Left for Gift Wrapping

  • December 18th

  • December 19th

  • December 20th

  • December 21st

  • December 22nd

  • December 23rd

Wow! That’s wonderful! Well to keep you in the holiday mood, here are some more great events happening at Legacy West from now till New Years.

Legacy West Music Series: Holiday Edition @ The Legacy North Pole


Enjoy the best of holiday pop, jazz quartets, carolers, and more at The Legacy North Pole!


  • November 27th

  • December 4th

  • December 11th

  • December 18th

WeWork – Spread the Cheer Promotion

Limited on space this year to celebrate when it feels like everyone’s looking for the perfect venue? WeWork Legacy West has recently launched a campaign called “Spread the Cheer” where we’re opening our doors to the public to host their private events right here within our space. If you are on the hunt for the perfect spot, please feel free to reach out


Located between Starbucks Reserve and Filson, the Mistletoe Mall offers small business pop-ups Friday – Sunday from 10am – 6pm.

Visit our Mistletoe Mall page for more information on the vendors and schedule.


It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year.

With a little help from Santa’s elves, Legacy West has once again transformed into the Legacy North Pole for the holiday season! Visit each stop to see a remix of your holiday favorites with some new classics.



A holiday vignette with trees, lights, sleigh, and of course, Santa!


A festive café that allows you to decide if you’re on Santa’s naughty or nice list.


Hosting small business popups throughout the holiday season.


The best (and worst) holiday sweaters you’ve ever seen.


Menorah display in partnership with the Chabad at Legacy West

McKinney Music Wine festival

McKinney Music Wine festival

Celebrate with McKinney Wine and Music !


McKinney Wine & Music Festival!

Saturday, October 16, 12pm-7pm

Sunday, October 17, 12m-5pm


The McKinney Wine & Music Festival is back for its 5th year and it’s an event you don’t want to miss! Tickets have sold out the past few years! Reserve your tickets now for the festivities!
🎶The wine and music festivities will take place at the beautiful Towne Lake Park and is presented by Luxe Premier Realty Group! Parking and general admission is free! (Park at McKinney High School!)
🍷 Festivities include TWO days of live music and delicious wine! The festival will feature 30 local and National award-winning wineries!
🎶 There are TWO stages filled with live music all day! 14 bands over 2 days!
🍷 Participate in grape stomping competitions, enjoy delicious cuisine, shop with a huge variety of local vendors, and experience a FUN day filled with WINE & MUSIC in McKinney, Texas!
🎶Tickets are $30 for 10 wine tasting tickets, $40 for 20 wine tasting tickets, $100 for Saturday VIP and $85 for Sunday VIP!
🎶VIP is the way to go…but hurry because we only have a small amount of VIP tickets available! Your VIP pass includes 20 tasting tickets, access to the Trinity Falls VIP tent where you will enjoy the VIP tasting bar with exclusive wines and beer, delicious appetizers throughout the day from Two Skillets Catering, seating, private entertainment, private restrooms, a VIP swag bag, and a VIP photo-booth! (Must be 21+ to enter the VIP tent.)

Latest Homes for Sale in McKinney

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Do you have an event you’d like sponsored? We love our community and are always here to help when we can. Contact Kelly Pearson for any sponsorship opportunities.